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Hi there! I'm Beth!

Visual Thinker, Sketchnoter, Google Certified Trainer and Apple Professional Learning Specialist. Oh, and a teacher! 

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💁🏼‍♀️ I'm your go-to-girl for all things education and technology! You'll usually find me with a latte in hand, wearing leopard print or tie dye, as standard. 

🎓 I began as a teacher and worked at the education coalface in Wales for 8 years - so transferable skills are my super power!! Whilst I loved it, I realised I has a real interest in how technology can transform learning experiences so I pivoted into educational technology - I'm a Google Certified Trainer and and Apple Professional Learning Specialist.


👩🏽‍💻 For 4 years I coached and mentored a wide variety of educators and organisations through the process of digital transformation allowing them to make their workflows more efficient, gain confidence in using technology and really add the sparkle to the learning experiences they provide for their students. I understand first hand what it's like to try and digitally upskill whole organisations or schools, having done it myself, as DCF and ICT lead in my former school. 


✏️ As a teacher I got pretty good at explaining complicated things in simple ways and often used the power of Visual Thinking, or sketchnoting with my students - and now I do it for people like you! I take the information you provide, and use my skills to craft it into a visually engaging, fun and more importantly, memorable, sketchnote!

👋🏼 So if you need someone to support you and your staff to communicate more clearly, then I'm your girl!

Have you seen my sketchnotes?

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