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10 Ways Sketchnotes Can Help Your Organisation...

Curriculum summary completed for Maindee Primary in Newport.

1 Problem solving:

Visual thinking helps to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Using diagrams, doodles and graphs can help to identify underlying issues and explore potential solutions.

2 Communication:

Visuals or doodles are a universal language, understood by all! They can help communicate complex ideas and concepts more effectively and make them more easily understood. Incorporating visual aids in presentations or reports can increase comprehension and engagement among audiences - from classrooms to corporate boardrooms!

3 Creativity:

Visual thinking encourages creativity and individuality! Sketchnoting allows for the exploration of different perspectives and creates opportunities for innovation - sparking new ideas!

4 Planning:

Creating visual plans, such as mind maps, can help to simplify complex projects and make them more manageable. It also helps to identify key areas that need attention and prioritise tasks accordingly.

5 Marketing:

Using sketchnotes in marketing materials can be way more impactful than text alone. Sketchnotes can capture attention and convey emotions, helping to attract and retain the right kind of customers for your organisation.

6 Data analysis:

Visualising data through charts or infographics can help to identify trends and patterns. Visualisation tools also make it easier to spot deviations from expected results and uncover underperforming areas.

7 Learning:

Sketchnotes can help learners understand and retain information better than text-based learning. Incorporating videos, images, diagrams and doodles into training programs can increase engagement and improve knowledge retention.

8 Collaboration:

Sketchnotes can facilitate collaboration and encourage team members to contribute ideas. Visual mind mapping tools can help to capture diverse perspectives.

9 Branding:

Using consistent visual elements in your sketchnotes, such as logos, colours, and typography, can help to establish and reinforce brand identity. It creates a cohesive and recognisable image that helps to differentiate your business from competitors.

10 Decision-making:

Sketchnotes can help to simplify complex information and make decision-making easier. It allows for a quicker and more informed decision-making process, as the sketchnote provides a clear overview of the subject matter.

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